Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little late in posting...WISPs for February

My ONE WISP per Month Challenge for February o9--
In January I started with a pile of already cut and sewn together triangles that I started in 1996. There were enough to divide up into two groups: a "boy" baby quilt and a "girl" baby quilt for a colleague who has had twins. So now.... The "boy" baby quilt is finished...and the "girl" one is ALMOST...just the binding needs to be that will go on my March WISP list.
Just a quick quicky WISP to finish was this Barbie apron....started sewing it by hand around 1974, I'd guess. I finished it off with a few quick passes on the sewing machine and adding snap buttons. Maya is thrilled with it. (I think it's ugly as all get out! and if weren't for her enthusiasm about the things I made as a child I would throw it out!)
Later I'll post some other Barbie WISPs that I've pulled out from my closet....I should say here that I took a deep breath the other day and gave Maya some of my old Barbies & their clothes that I have been causiously been saving for .....over 35 years! More about that later....

I've picked out my WISPs for March ....will post about them later
- Barbie clothes
- "girl" twin quilt
- Easter baskets
- cloth flower bouquet

Thanks to Kris and May Britt for doing this Challenge to get me moving on the old stuff!


SewAmy said...

yeah , for finishing projects so we can just start new ones. :o)

Sara said...

Kids are always excited about what we make as kids. Don't know why - but mine were (not now as they are older) when they were little.
I like the twin quilts, but your not giving them to her are you?

Carol in Sweden said...

Well....I do plan on giving them to the babies eventually! hopefully before they are walking! LOL

Anonymous said...

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