Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Diversions

Rather tired tonight...a good tired.
Just a run down of the today's highlights:

- woke up in good spirits (thanks to those little worry dolls, I'm sure, Maya and I gave them our BIGGEST worry last night---the doozy one, and we both sleep well!) Our feet were hugging each other in the morning...can your feet hug, too?
- I figured out the best way to get out of bed that doesn't make my organs feel like they are being torn out of my body one by one....a sensation that I want to avoid as much as possible! I scoot my body (while on my back) sideways perpendicural to the bedside with my legs hanging a bit over the side, then slowly raise up on my elbows and lift my torso up straight, to a sitting position, rest a moment, then use my legs to stand upright slowly...avoiding clenching my stomach muscles too hard, rest and breathe and give thanks I can stand! Look out window and bless the day! Tell my body I love it and give myself a hug. Phew...wipe the sweat off my brow! (no kidding!) Goodness know what I will do if I have to go to the toilet in a hurry! Maybe it's time to get rubber sheet protectors! (I'm not ready for diapers, yet.)

- ate a delicious breakfast of Grits and Florida OJ with Maya before everyone else got up
(How Southern girl is that!?)...Grits probably aren't the first thing on the nutritionist's list but boy do they make a body feel warm and cosy inside!

- Kelly Sue brought my parents to our house in the mid morning! THANK YOU KELLY SUE for picking them up at the airport! love you! And Nurse KS brought me the name of something I will request for doing a top-down cleansing for Thursday's appointment, instead of doing a bottom-up cleansing ...which gives me a panic attack just to think about it!

- nothing like HUGS from Mom and Dad! :-) (-:

- hearing the sweet, calm voice of Debbie was another of the day's highlights...she lives at the southern tip of Skå's about a 2 hour drive to "stop by for a coffee". Recently we've been chatting it up on Sundays over the phone every once in awhile with a cup of java (or tea). Since I've been diagnosised she's called more often filled with funny stories of her kids or herself sometimes, suggestions to ease my pains, and just feel good ideas! Thank you Debbie! I look forward to your calls!

- Mom carried my GHS '81 yearbook and Senior year photo album in her hand luggage for me!
I can't wait to spent some hours reading all the comments and reliving all those memories! This I will savior for a quiet moment. Then when I'm up to it...I'll start some new scanning of photos to use for the GHS blog! (anyone want to offer me a bribe now? just kidding!)- The Göteborg Bomans arrived around 2pm (14:00) to fill our house with children's laughter, screams and energy! Bo's cousin, George and Spanish wife, Victoria and their 3 kids always bring with them good cheer! I get to speak Spanish (which I desperately need to practice more) with Victoria and 17 year old daughter, Desirée! (a kind of therapy in itself for me!)
Victoria is another crafty soul...she made Maya a gorgeous purple silk party dress and she painted a water color for me of the beach view by our summer house! I love her work and now I have my own! Gifts made with TOTAL LOVE! Gracias, Victoria!

Maya and her little cousins Ricardo (5) and Alexander (almost 2) had a grand time as usual! Babies are such clowny creatures and Alexander had us laughing tears at just the right moments! Maya performed a ballet for us! (She's improved her style since the last performance!)

- Barbro, my mother in law, made yet again, despite her own back pains, another delicious dinner for all of us! Her steadfast support and desire to keep me sane & calm over the last fews days they stayed with us is so appreciated! She pulled me gently out of my dark hole last night before going to bed, allowing me to cry out all my fears into her soft embrace. I couldn't request a better mother-in-law! They went home today...vacating the room where my parents are now staying.

- My wonderful, rotten little brother sent Milk Thistle extract to me...and Wheat Grass...will get started on the MT now and the wheat grass tomorrow. Dad will plant the seeds with Maya and then we can start making our own juice in the juicer! All for my LOVELY LIVER! (I haven't seen the juicer yet...gotta leave some excitement for tomorrow!) Thanks, TH! I love you!

- And....I got a new camera! (I'm so spoiled!) My trusty one had pooped out on me a few weeks ago. (pun intended to avoid another phrase!) So lately I've been using an old one that I really don't like much but was making due. Bo and my Dad surprised me with a rather flashy yet simple one...and tomorrow I will read all about it using it! You'll see some nice photos later!

- And that's all for today folks. I'm ready to start this week....with great expectations to GET STARTED ON THE THERAPY! And let the FIGHT BEGIN!!


Lori S-C said...

GOod day! So glad your parents are there...can't wait to learn more about your new camera; glad there is a top down cleaning out option!
Bring on the treatment!

Gilbert said...

Way to go Carol, keep up the great spirit! Hell yea, grit is always yummylicious(no I dont normally make up word like dum-dum, our former prez). We are all reading this blog(Deb, her parents, George etc.) and we are sensing that you are just getting charged up for this fight -- one that you will come out victorious!

Sandi said...

Great that your parents are there now. New camera will be wonderful, always takes me a while to work out all the doo-dads on it.
Okay, I must admit I had to look up 'grits'. (knew that they were some kind of american cereal, thanks to wikipedia I now know). Thinking of you :)

holly said...

It must be wonderful to have your parents there. Can't wait to see some pictures with your new camera. Sounds like you are fairing well. We are praying for you. Hugs from Alabama.

lizardek said...

Yay for good things and diversions! I'm so glad your parents have arrived. :)

Sara said...

Glad you are doing good! Keep up that spirit! Have you tried rolling out of bed? That is what they taught me after my open heart.
Glad your parents are there to help out now too!

Let me know what colors you want your tablerunner for my PIF!!!

sam said...

Hi Carol,
CHecking in with you after a few days on the road ... do you remember Jorge in Texas? I went to his second daughter's wedding. Wow how time flies. Glad to know that you are so full of fight. Please hug your parents for me...THe wedding brought back memories of my shower that your mom hosted. Does she remember that? What a wonderful friend you have been for so many years...keep it up...perhaps we could host Maya here when she comes to visit the states and DC. I love your stories of her and you did a great job answering the big question! She is so sweet and such a credit to you and Bo.

I am off again to NY but will check in again soon.