Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Party

Apples, apples....APPLES! These are the wild apples from our summer house...a lovely tart flavor. I'm drying some....freezing some for later....eating a lot and ???? And we're off to join the AWC party in LUND!
Caithlin as a High School Musical cheerleader & Maya as a "mommy witch".
Bobbing for apples at the friend, Karin the Greek goddess, helped at the party.
This little WITCH really could FLY high!
(Bo would have had a heart attack to watch her but I thought she was pretty safe!)
Halloween is over.....until next Friday when I have another party to attend! Then we'll turn our thoughts to THANKSGIVING!


Lori S-C said...

The mommy witch is too cute! And she flies so well!

Anonymous said...

Great costumes! Looks like you had a fabulous evening!