Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feeling sudden Weirdness

Today I had a freak out paranoia moment about my blog. A good friend of mine mentioned to an "aquaintance" of mine about my blog during a birthday party last night. (I was not there.) This other person is the LAST person in the world I want reading my business in our little gossipy village. AGH! I was so pissed off and I actually raised my voice to my good intentioned friend, which is not something I do very often although I often fantasize about doing it alittle more often (not to her but in general)...I usually hold it all in and eat! (I used to smoke my frustrations but that isn't healthy. if eating is!)

...I put a "guard up" on the blog for invites only but I quickly realized what a p-i-a (pain in the ass) that was going to if you are at the end of the alphabet in my address book you got an invitation or something to my blog....I'm not sure what was sent to you. But this invitation thing would exclude all my new QUILTING and STITCHERY friends because I don't have all their email addresses...friends I've "met" and ones I haven't met yet! Blocking people from accessing my blog was just not an option for this situation. or I could delete this blog and start over. NO WAY!

So I did a little research to assess the situation....
I Googled myself in many different ways and I couldn't find me right away, it takes a bit of accurate searching. As far as I know, only one of my "old" friends has found me on a google search but he must have been bored at work that day (right, Steve?). My conclusion is that if this person REALLY wants to find me and read about my-oh -so-exciting-life, feelings and fantasies....then so be it. The fact is I set up this blog for ME and my faithful friends & family and the downright bloggy curious folk. And the other fact is that I don't really share any secret information that I wouldn't share anyway if you were to meet me in person and ask "What's happening with you, Carol?"

Has this or something similar happened to any of you? What did you do? Do I need a tougher skin?


Natalie Harris said...

NO, but I can sympathize. I hope she reads it and hopes she realizes how many of US wish we lived that near to you to share our daily lives with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

I am so glad that you took the invitation down as I like to read your blog. I found you through a quilting friend in Norway and browsing the night that I couldn't sleep.

I live in Canada, Ontario to be exact and have been quilting for way more years than I can count at the moment. I started quilting when I was undergoing chemo in my 20s and I am now 46....

Glad you couldn't find you so that I can continue to catch up with what is happending with you!

Gail in Orangeville.

Carol in Sweden said...

Oh Gail, I'm so glad you read "what's happening!" Please stop by and make some comments now and then! And share some of your quilts!!!

If you had chemo in your 20' must be doing well! Hope you feel STRONG and HEALTHY most every day!

And I'm very satisfiedly (is that a word?) happy with my decision not to block the readership...otherwise I might not "meet" people like YOU!

Melinda said...

You know, you can change your settings so no search engines can find your blog. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You already know what I do to avoid this :-) I stay completely anonymous on my blog, precisely because I don't want people who google me to find out that I'm quilting... But then again, I'm a coward, so I don't mean to recommend this to others :-)