Monday, November 17, 2008

Swimming day 2

I did it again! Wow! I feel better this time around...didn't go running for the Advil this time as soon as I got home either...although I'll probably prevent some pains if I do take some anyway!

As it turns out the pool is only 25 meters long...sure did feel like 50 meters the other day! So I'll have to change my previous post to keep it accurate! Some guy in the pool told me to lie on my log but I can't do that! (See, I'm no "cheater beater"!) I can't even imagine...I used to compete in the 1,000 meter race! That's 20 laps! (40 lengths!) Once I even won 3rd Place in the City wide meet for 1,000 meters! (must have been a slow group that year! ha ha ha)

Anyway....reconsidering what I said about the whimpy breast's a good one for certain body parts that need toning up! UP UP! lol I had my own lane today! (not that it was crowded sharing it with one person the other day!)

Can't wait to go again!

Today is was below 0 (celcius) on the way to work...there were snow flurries! YIPEE!

Sunrise: 7:49 am
Sunset: 4:00 pm

Getting darker.....


Rhonda said...

Oh Carol, I am so very proud of you. It's exciting to hear about your swimming exploits....LOL....I never learned to swim or float but it sure sounds like fun. Take care.

dabooklady said...

hi Carol..okay about the Little Mermaid...I got it at Joann's here in CA..and it is an applique...I also have Nemo and Dumbo...And a pink pig one...they are to make bags like this one, believe it or not I have several friends that love Disney stuff...

Lori S-C said...

Yay Carol!
Swim on!

Kelly Sue said...

You go girl!!! Keep up the good work and inspiration!!