Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maya's Obama quotes and more.....

"I love Obama."

"I forgot to draw his nose because I was concentrating so much on his ears."

"When Obama wins I want to have a real glass glass so I can "skål" him." (toast)

"If McCain wins not everyone can move to Sweden." (my parents said they would consider moving to Sweden for good if McCain won and another friend said she was going to give up her American citizenship)

On the phone: "Granpa, I just want to know if anyone is voting for McCain." (response: no one we know and we hope not many)

"OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA" (said while jumping on Papa's back on Tuesday afternoon while waiting...waiting)

"Great!" very sleepily said when I woke her up for school at 6:45 on Wednesday morning telling her that Barack Obama had won.

Some months ago Maya wanted us to use our fancy silverplated champagne I told her that if Obama wins Papa and I would use them to celebrate his victory. So Wednesday night when we were getting ready to pop a bottle...Maya said "Wait, you said you were going to use the Special, SHINY glasses for this celebration." (what a memory!)

(I was in Denmark on Wednesday so I wasn't at work until today, Thursday.) All day today my Swedish colleagues were congratulating me on Barack Obama's win. (I've been wearing a button or t-shirt for the last week for my own mental therapy since I couldn't really do too much from here for the elections.) It seems that EVERYONE is so excited and hopeful for our country even knowing that the task at hand is a tremendous one.
During Maya's swimming lessons at the local pool mothers were approaching me about the election. You must understand that Swedes are usually quite private, especially when it comes to politics. The enthusiasm I have felt today from these contacts touchs my heart very deeply...I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AGAIN! And that feels damn good!

Thanks to everyone for voting!

I've made arrangements already to take off work January 21 so that I can REALLY enjoy watching the inauguration ceremony all afternoon and night on the 20th. I want Maya to watch too...a great moment in history! I hope she will remember forever!

PS- and at some point here, I will calm down and get a little more sleep! I've been in "Obama dilirium" for days!


lizardek said...

Love the portrait!

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian, I had no say in the US election results; but that doesn't mean I didn't have an opinion! I get up for work at 4:15 and even I was watching the results until 11:02 PM when the poles in California closed and then 2 minutes later the results announced. Crazy? Maybe, but I certainly wasn't alone!! I have never seen Canada so interested in an American election! There were parties everywhere and even bars were showing the results on their TVs instead of a hockey game!!

Needless to say, I am very excited for our neighbours to the south. I am very proud of the results as I was shaking my head 4 years ago in disbelief.

Hold your head high and enjoy!


Carol in Sweden said...

Thanks Gail!

Another Canadian friend of mine sent a photo through email to shows the border control booths going into Canada from USA. There is a HUGE sign over the booths...


Wow! That's a HUGE statement in itself how much international support the USA will have with a new president! Tears in my eyes...yet again! I've shed so many tears of JOY all week long! (My husband is starting to wonder about me....but I'm OK! really OK!)

I tried to put that sign on my blog but my computer skills are you'll have to believe me! I'm keeping the photo..if anyone wants to see it, I can email it to you!

Gilbert said...

I have always heard this when I worked in northern california -- we dont care where you come from, who you are but only how hard you work and how determined you are to be successful. Excuse me while I shed a tear at 11 PM EST on election night because that creed has become true for all the people who live in this country. We have gone so low the last 8 years -- I actually hear intelligence and coordinated sentences coming out of his mouth. Unlike the DUMDUM! Boy -- there is proof that $150k you spend at Yale may be a scam. Any way, a new start for America.

Mel said...

"If McCain wins not everyone can move to Sweden." FUNNY!!
Since Obama won, I guess it's safe to unpack my bags now!