Saturday, November 15, 2008

Treasures in my Crafty Room

Friday I had some time alone without distractions for a few hours and I spent that time cleaning up my crafty/laundry room! Although it looks much better I'm not willing to share with the world this little private space where I do laundry, stash my fabrics and other crafty items and cut my fabrics....but I will show you a few of my little treasures! This is my dolly corner....all handmade with special meanings to me. Abigail is the pioneer doll. My mother read me the story of her girl owner when I was around 6 years old. (Much like Little House on the Prairie series.) Then there's the Peruvian doll with her baby on the back and walking while knitting...just like they do in Peru (where I was born, in case you didn't know). Then up on the shelf...on the top is a beautifully embroidered Russian doll. Then next down a sweet southern babe holding her quilt. My favorite is this one below....made by a former colleague, Ella, at my last school in Los Angeles, Arco Iris Primary Center. She's been signed all over by all the staff members from that little school....I cherish her with all the memories she holds for me of the wonderful people I used to work with in South-Central LA!
My Aunt Jeanne had some old quilt squares framed for all the cousins one year for Christmas. The square came from a quilt that had been in our family since ???? it's old. Love it. Wish I knew more about it....if only fabric could talk! One day I'll try to find the fabric in one of those dating books.
Here's two more goodies....a little ribbon I purchased to support some guy riding his bike across the USA for some cause I can't remember! He stopped by my yard sale on his way through California. (Bets, do you remember?) And the little spool doll was also made by Ella...not only was Ella a loving and caring teacher but she is also a super seamstress! Her husband imported beautiful African fabrics...many of which are in my stash!
OK....confession time....I'm having trouble threading my needles! Yes, I have those progressive lenses (bifocals as some might call them)...but I'm still having some difficulty seeing that little bitty hole in the needle! I bought this "machine" a LONG TIME AGO when I didn't need it...but I dusted it off and I think I'll try it out! Does anyone else use one of these? Do they really work?
I'll post some other treasure from this room later....


Rhonda said...

What a great collection you have and wonderful memories to go along.

Anonymous said...

I love your collection - lovely memories to pass on to Maya.

I not only use a needle threader - I also have to use a magnifying glass to see the hole in the needle!! I was taking a course down in NH at the Machine quilters Exposition last April from Sharon Schamberg and I couldn't thread my needle (how embarassing!) but the woman beside me just handed me her needle threader that looked just like yours. I went out and bought one as soon as I returned home.

I am working on a Turning Twenty Again quilt for my friend in CT and I made a big mistake (by sewing an extra piece of wool batting to the backing fabric yesterday and had to quite a bit of "reverse sewing" - I needed my bifocals, two magnifying glasses and a lot of patience!!


Anonymous said...

Your doll corner is so adorable! I love that pioneer doll.