Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Look what I found while I was cleaning....

During my crafty/laundry room clean out the other day I came across this old magazine I had bought some years ago at a 'Loppis' here in Sweden. It's from England...1908...a hundred years old! I had such a good time flipping through the pages and laughing at how much "Ladies" magazines have changed during the last 100 years! Unfortunately the "free art picture on Satin" was no longer in the magazine when I bought it.
This hotel featured on the cover is flying both the American and the British flags.
This is a sample of the inside contents....mostly very dramatic romantic stories with detailed black and white sketches. I have a friend who would love to cut this up for crafts...but NO NO NO! I'm keeping this treasure whole!
When I got to this full page comic I burst out laughing when I read the caption...see below!
OH baby, have we come a long way!!!

Not only do we drive....we steer the way!

Now I want to go back the shop where I got this one and see if I can find some more! Fun stuff!


Sara said...

That is great! Wow, how times have changed since 1908! The pictures are great though, and I do love the caption on the comic!

LesleyAnn said...

Boy, what a find! I love vintage things and am always searching for things unique. You will have to go back and see what other treasures you can find!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful caption :-)

Brenda said...

Such a wonderful treasure to own. It is amazing how things change over time, always fascinating to discover items from the past. Good luck on finding any more.