Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday spontaneity!

Friday evening of Halloween fun with my teacher friends....I dressed up as a gypsy fortune teller and "read" everyone's palms all night! That was fun! (didn't take any photos so that none could be used for blackmailing later!) Maya and I spent the night with my friend & her family in the morning I woke up to the lively, cheerful voices of 3 little girls exclaiming that they were going to eat OBAMA PANCAKES for breakfast! (see the O below?) Caithlin suggested that someone should make "maple syrup with a touch of chocolate" because she thought that was a really good combination! Maya only ate strawberries on hers....and Sophia drew designs with the chocolate on her p'cakes. A decadent morning meal!
Then it was off to explore the Tropikariet....rainforest "zoo". Always a treat to see what new animals have arrived to observe there! Here the girls are watching the large centipedes.
Check out these babies! So little and tiny on their mother's back! The mommy is only about the size of a hand! So cute!
Then as a complete last minute decision we decided to "go abroad" to shop for new winter coats in Denmark in the afternoon....didn't find what we were looking for but the ferries were free today so no money was misspent. Maya and Sophia were given two roses each by an elderly man on the ferry coming home. They were quite pleased as you can see! So dark already at 5 pm. After locating the men folk we all went to dinner at a greek place in Helsingborg.....what a great day! Sunday...back to the reality of laundry, cleaning and SEWING! I'll give you a peek later after we have some family cozy time!


Brenda said...

Great photos of everything. Glad that you all had such a splendid time!

Natalie Harris said...

THANK YOU for all the NICE things you say to me on my BLOG. I wish you were closer. I am ExCITed and WAITING to hear your idea...e-mail me SOON...I've checked a few times today!!! We had OBAMA pancakes too!!!But they looked more like Mickey Mouse when I got done with the ears....