Friday, November 28, 2008

Looking outside & feeling loved inside

Well, I 'm feeling better as far as my coughing cold although not 100% better. We will be having our Thanksgiving Celebration on Saturday as planned. Can't wait to eat all that yummy stuff once again! (We've already celebrated last week with other friends!) Before I dropped off into sickyworld....this was the morning sky from our driveway as I was getting into the car on Tuesday for work at 7:35 am. Beautiful, huh? And below is the lake we live near...I just had to stop the car and take this shot out the car window! Maya agreed that it was worth being a titsy little bit late just to spend a few moments looking at the view!
Thursday after the snow had melted we found evidence that the WILD BOARS have been hunting for their grubs in our yard! Yuck...what a mess they have made in our grass! This pack of wild boars has been attacking several of our neighbors' yards over the last year...we've been lucky, up until now they've only been pooping in our yard. (Yes, I know how to identify wild boar poop! just ask!) Their constant visits to the golf course have really caused problems for the grounds keepers so this past week they've put up an electric fence around the perimeter of the course. It's low enough that we can step over it to go sledding or skiing but it's not good for our dog, who has already gotten a shock from it. Our hunting neighbors shot 4 (including a sow) 2 weeks ago but apparently this only made the boars more aggressive in the area! Bo won't walk with Pepe, the dog, into the forest at night anymore...he has heard their snorting a little bit too close for comfort! Have you ever seen a wild boar? They are HUGE! It's much nicer and safer to meet a MOOSE up close than a boar!
Just as I was feeling very sad today....(will explain later)....Bo came in with the mail! SURPRISE , SURPRISE! Betty in Orange County, California (mother of my best buddy, Betsy) sent me the most wonderful package! I don't know if she reads my blog but it seems as though some little voice (Holly?) has told her my desires! Just look....CANDY CORNS, Quilting Magazines and OBAMA headlines! Betty, you don't know how much I needed cheering up today! Thank you for that LOVE gift!! Not a note or anything! Total surprise for no reason at all! I owe my quilting interests to Betty...who taught Betsy....who lived next to me and gave me the quiltin' bug! I will devour and save these gifts!
And then the next surprise on a day I really needed it.....My American Women's Club treasurer sent out this message to all our members....
Hi all!
<>One of the jobs of the club treasurer is to pick up the mail that comes in for the club. This week we received a letter from a company that sells a product for quilters, with an offer for a 10% discount to club members.
The company has a website: where you can see the product (a two piece metal template in varying shapes and sizes for patchwork quilting). Along with the letter to the club was a sample of their patchplates - I'm not a quilter but I can describe it as a very sturdy item which I can imagine would be quite useful to folks who have the patience for this pasttime!
The letter is signed by Matthew S Jewers, 07770 673 388,
G. W.
AWC Club Treasurer and Picker-upper of the mail
PS - the board agreed that the sample quilting template should go to a special member of our club who donates a quilting square to a special FAWCO project every year - Carol Doughty.

Isn't that NICE! I was so pleased to read this message from our treasurer! :-) A feel good moment!
These are two of the FAWCO quilts I have made blocks for...the blue one has 3 of my blocks. The one for this year is being pieced together in Germany at the moment. Thank you AWC board! I will enjoy using the gift you've given me!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving in the USA and Canada! More thankfulness later this weekend from me.....

A hug to Natalie for her special message to me on her website! :-)


Brenda said...

I was mesmerized by the breathtaking photos, oh such beauty, definetely worth the time to stop and admire. Glad to know you are feeling better, colds are awful. You did receive some great gifts, enjoy them all. Thanks for sharing.

Sara said...

Those pictures are so beautiful! I would love to see that waking up every morning!
And I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast!

lizardek said...

It's so awesome to get goodies in the mail, isn't it? Glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos of the sky - shocked at the photo of the mess the boars made, but I can belive it and I wouldn't go anywhere outside after dark either!!

Glad you are feeling better. Our house got hit with the stomach flu last weekend - first Natalie woke Friday night by being sick in her bed...again Saturday night; Sunday was Ian's turn and then it hit me...hard...and I couldn't go to work on Monday or Tuesday and missed a huge meeting I had organized. All better now.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, ours in Canada is the second Monday in October so we are now gearing up for Christmas. Saw that hundreds of shoppers at a Wal-Mart in NY trampled a male worker to death when he opened the doors to the store at 5 in the morning on Friday...and 2 people where shot in California Toys R Us...unbelievable!!!

Glad you got wonderful surprises. That really goes a long way to make you feel better.


Lori S-C said...

My goodness, wild boars! And a package in the mail! Oh my, oh my! What excitement!
Really, how big are wild boars?

Carol in Sweden said...

I've put a WILD BOAR link on the post now....the babies are very cute but the adults are quite ugly!

They can weigh up to 200 pounds! and run in packs of about 20! The most Bo has actually seen in the forest is a group of 14. (close enough to 20...scary!)