Saturday, November 22, 2008

THANKFUL for an early Thanksgiving

Last night I received an email that makes this Thanksgiving a VERY THANKFUL one! My cousin Wendy's son had a successful lung transplant on Wednesday morning! Stephen is doing well and is already breathing on his own without a ventilator! Isn't that amazing! We are so grateful for the person who left this earth but donated their body for others to continue living! Stephen will have a longer life with healthy lungs. He has suffered with cystic fibrosis all his young life but now he has a chance for a normal life! We love you! Fabric post cards from my FPC group! They are each so fun! What talented ladies! Thanks! Mine are on the way....
Have you ever seen golfing in the winter?! It's quite popular long as the snow isn't too deep. Today the course has a steady stream of golfing groups. Our house sits next to the golf course and we can observe all their activities from our western windows! In Sweden golf carts are not allowed unless you have a physical handicap so that makes winter golfing possible...just need good walking boots!
Here's the red winter hole flag. They don't use the same course in the winter as the rest of the year...they avoid the sand pits and also have little platforms to stand on instead of muking up the teeing greens. Bright orange and red balls are used instead of white ones.
When there aren't any golfers around....we can go sledding down the hills or cross country skiing. Today Maya was only able to sled a few times as there were just enough players to that made it too difficult to be safe!
We could see that someone got up early to go skiing this morning before the golfers showed up! Maybe the snow will stay around long enough so that we can get out our skis too!

This afternoon we'll go to our friends' house to have our first Thanksgiving dinner....I've got the traditional green bean cassarole cooking in the oven! Next week we'll have Thanksgiving at our house with Bo's family and the Carlsson's. Who will you have Thanksgiving with?


Brenda said...

It has to be amusing to watch golf in the snow. Yet I bet everyone has a great time. Have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner both days!

Kelly Sue said...

How wonderful to hear about your cousin. I know that this must be an incredible relief to all of your family. Amazing how much good an organ donation does, but so few people sign up to be donors. I am a donor in both countries (betcha didn't know that!!!!) Sorry we missed the sledding!

Lori S-C said...

good news about the transplant. WIll keep good thoughts!

Rhonda said...

Snow and golfing.....hummmmmm, very interesting. Okay Carol, I've not heard of that one before....LOL.....Take care.
Glad you received the postcard.
Happy Thanksgiving.