Saturday, November 22, 2008


Friday we woke up to a beautiful white covering of snow on the ground! Our wooden Dalarna wind workers were a little stiff but I'm sure they will start to spin again if the wind picks up. This is the view when we turn onto our street. It's a winter wonderland! Brrrr.......
Ducks still swimming on the lake!
Maya threw the first snowball of the season at me! She's getting better at it! I'll have to watch out!
And our first snow person! ....although it's only about 10 inches tall and it sits on Maya's swing apparatus. It wasn't quite the "right" snow for large snow people or quite enough either, so we settled for a tiny one this time.
I love the snow, really I do....but I forget that it takes much longer to get out of the house (layers of clothing) and then time to prepare the car (warm up, ice and snow off). And a little slower on the uncovered road by our house. As we live outside the town our road is very rarely plowed unless it is super deep snow. It's the most dangerous part of my commute to work! It's WINTER!


Brenda said...

Such wonderful fun photos. I love fresh snow, so light and fluffy. We do not get snow very often on the valley floor here in Grants Pass, we only have to drive about an hour to play in it, but ...thats another story. Thanks for sharing and have fun!

Lori S-C said...

so fluffy! And sooo cold!