Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BACK to SCHOOL night

Hello! Just got back from the fall parent meeting at my school! I LOVE PARENT meetings! I think it is so interesting to meet the children's parents each school year. Makes me understand my students better! I teach 4th and 5th grade so I keep "my" parents and their child for 2 years at a time, so in the fall I get to meet the new 4th grade parents. Before they introduce themselves, I play a little guessing game with myself to see if I can match the parent with the kid. Their facial features, gestures, hair and body language are my clues...usually I guess correctly. It is great to see the 5th graders parents again after the summer break. Most of my students and their parents come to all the "Developmental talks" twice a year (we have no formal grading system in the Swedish school system for children this young, yet) so I have some contact with them between meetings. Probably the main reason why I like parent meetings so much is that I get such positive feedback from the parents about my English/Spanish/Art programs...sure makes it easier to face each work day knowing that the kids REALLY do like what we do in class together! I have learned that I am one of those teachers who seems to get along to a variety of students...even the students no one else can say anything positive about. I had a couple of really grateful parents give me hugs for just that tonight! So if you're a parent of a school aged kid...and your child likes going to school...PLEASE tell the teacher! It feels so wonderful to be appreciated for all the work we do to help children learn. And it isn't always so easy!

AND....did I ever mention that I LOVE MY JOB! Although I fantasize about having another career or just working at home, I think that I wouldn't find it nearly as exciting as working with students every day! Because no day is like the next....always something new to think about, do and try again! Those kids make me laugh, cry, yell (on the rare occassion), and challenge me to be better and better!

Do you remember all your teachers? From how far back? Why are some of them so memorable? Are you in touch with any of them still?


Brenda said...

Carol, Your zestful(You are a teacher...I had to look it up and see if it is actually a word...def/an enjoyably exciting quality) nature on your blog informed me you were a great teacher. I do not remember any of my teachers or my daughters because of my accident and brain injury. But without all of you wonderful zestful teachers this world would be in the stone age because you spark the need to learn more and excel towards a higher level of learning. I applaude you!

Anonymous said...

I remember most of my teachers and all of their names :) I've been in touch with my favorite teacher from high school, as well :)

But I confess to not caring so much for parent's night at my kid's school. Maybe if they had teachers like you!

Carol in Sweden said...

Actually, I'm not so thrilled with the Parent Meetings I had to attend either here in Sweden...but I can tell you this, when I do a Parent Meeting...I try to make it fun without going overboard! I also have to remind myself that I have lots of information to cover in 30 mintues (since I'm not the main teacher) ... the other night I had the parents laughing so much I was beginning to think I could be a stand-up comedian in my next career!

Anonymous said...

You must have the patience of an angel! I teach at a university, and find that I sometimes have a hard time even with these grown-up students :-)

Most of the time it is fun, though, and I too hope they'll remember at least some of what I say... :-)