Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Post #102 ---things that make me SMILE

1- UFO...no more!!!! I finished the binding on this Halloween wall hanging FINALLY! (Betsy, do you remember this one? I started it at the Hamilton...recognize your fabric contributions?) It's a little lopsided on the edges but I think that adds to the folkie charm of it, don' t you think? I guess it's not technically finished ....I need to add some sort of hanging device on the back. For it NOT to be UFO anymore, does it have to have a hanging thing? I'm considering how I want to hang it...dowel, clothes pins, or what? And Rhonda has challenged the Quilting Bloggers to make a label on our pieces for historical purposes. (I'm going to use a premade label because I'm totally lazy about that! Although after seeing Rhonda's I might have to push myself alittle more, hers are so cute!) 2- Maya's drawings! Look at this adorable drawing Maya made for me while I was watching the debate yesterday afternoon! (Yes, a major Swedish network played the entire American Presidential debate on TV! with Swedish subtitles, of course!)
His nose was an afterthought because it's not her usual style of nose. She told me that she had to focus her attention on his ears because they were so big! Do you think I should send Barack a copy?

My Swedish friends and colleagues (& students) are EXCITED and NERVOUS about the Presidential elections in the USA. I really wish that all of you Americans knew just how much our actions, our economy and our President and OUR VOTES influence the rest of the world!
I am constantly amazed at how much other people, especially children, know about our USA!
My fourth and fifth graders know all about the elections and who is running and what their ideas for the future are! How many 5th graders who you know would know the name of the Canadian Prime Minister? What about the Mexican President? (your two neighbors) Or when they have their elections? Would any 5th graders or adults know the names and ideologies of the major European leaders? Do you get my point here? Please register to vote and VOTE! The world is watching us and hoping we'll use our brains!

PS- I have my absentee ballot now...I will vote this week and send it off in registered mail! I know this sounds corny but I am so proud to be an American when I vote! :-) Because I CAN VOTE....so many other countries don't allow their citizens that right!


Brenda said...

Your wallhanging is wonderful! Maya's drawing is fabulous...she has real talent! I am a registered voter and like you feel great voting! I do believe that lack of important knowledge is far and between in America; people do not focus on learning important information unless they think it will better them. It is sad to know that most children and adults know more about a car they want than about the candidates!

Sara said...

That is a great little wall hanging! Those pumpkins are just too cute! And I do love the pic of Obama!

Lori S-C said...

Love the wall hanging and also Obama's portrait!
Maya is as talented as her mommy!

Helena said...

Pumporna blev jättefina, härliga färger!
Jag och min son hade en diskussion om det amerikanska presidentvalet häromdagen. Han var väldigt påläst, synd att han inte får rösta, det är ett val som påverkar oss alla...
Maya är duktig på att rita!

Anonymous said...

The quilt and the drawing are just adorable!!!