Monday, September 15, 2008

I bet you want to know what we did Saturday night!

Well, let me show you.....we got all dressed up and CUTE! (wearing the tooth fairy necklace)We drove to Helsingborg and were met at the door by two sweet little rabbit sisters!
One little rabbit invited Maya to try out her "new" big girl bed! My oh, my was it JUST RIGHT!
After a delicious "orange, cashew meat stew"....we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a NINE YEAR OLD! Yes, the candles are in a box of ice cream because....
the Daddy rabbit had made a wonderful APPLE PIE to go with the ice cream!
And the Mommy Rabbit (Kelly Sue) and I got all caught up on our summer stories, family gossip and future crafty plans! We had a SUPER TIME! Thank you to the CARlsson family!


Kelly Sue said...

No Carol, Thank you!!! We had such a wonderful time with you and Maya. You guys make Caithlin's birthday all the more special!!!

Brenda said...

Parties are always fun for everyone...glad you all enjoyed yourself. Boy the pie and ice cream sure do look yummie.

Rhonda said...

You know that Tooth Fairy really gets around. I hear she was in Texas just the other day.hehehehehehe
That pie sure looks delicious from here I can almost taste it. Yummy!