Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday night stitching

After getting Maya settled down into bed** I was finally able to sit down and do a little stitching on the Angel's Stitchery Swap project...I didn't do so badly considering that I've hardly ever used an embrodiery hoop for anything. My main problem was that I was watching a DVD in my OPRAH 20th Anniversary series that I really have wanted to watch since I got it 2 years ago (I think, can't remember) but....complications with Region 1 DvDs (North America) vs. European region 2 (?) and our various dvd players that won't play it upstairs or downstairs and stuff like that....(I'm sounding like a techno Winnie the Pooh story) ....anyway.....the real problem I have with doing embrodiery and watching Oprah is that I ALWAYS cry when I watch her show! Either because I"m so touched by the stories or her comments or I"m so happy or I'm so makes it really hard to see the small stitches through my tears! (with my new progressive eye glasses I can no longer lay the blame on the dizziness I used to feel while sewing and watching TV!) So next time I'll stick with the funny episodes of that collection while I'm sewing! (I don't watch much regular TV because I'm too lazy to figure out what's on and's much easier to avoid the Swedish and plop in a DVD or VCR tape in English!)

**You know how I"m always complaining about not having time to sew...well, one reason is that I don't like to sew down in the basement while my daughter is asleep upstairs (2 floors away) so that limits my time very much. So this weekend I bought a new baby monitor (the one I had when she was small gave out on us years ago). No more excuses that I have to be in hearing range while she I have the monitor on outside her room so I hear all the way in the basement if she wakes up and is looking for me. Problem solved? Not tonight...our first night using it...Maya was so excited that I had set it up so she popped up and down out of bed to talk into it directly just to make sure it was still working! "Can you hear me Mommy? I think I need a glass of water so that I'm not so thristy anymore." "Mommy, can you hear me? I want to cuddle more." AGH! GO TO BED! I'm sure it won't be so exciting tomorrow...I hope!
I probably shouldn't have told her about it! Live and learn!
Some of you are probably wondering where my husband is to help out...well, he often works at night so he's not around and tonight was one of those nights! Just so you know...

Getting ready for another visit from the USA! Friday Erin and Nathanial come for a week visit! We are looking forward to seeing Erin and meeting her honey-pie...they are travelling around the world before starting graduate school in the spring semester! be young again!


G'G'ma said...

I'm laughing at your baby moniter experience!
I gave you an award for your blog. Please go to my blog and pick it up.


Brenda said...

Technology has it ups and downs; the younger generations just clue in instantly what their "real" purpose is for...annoying parents. LOL. I am sure the excitement will settle down soon and it will be great to know you can hear her while downstairs. Have a great day!