Friday, September 5, 2008

Tell me about it!

Swiped in its entirety from Meg! and Liz

Song you love:

Word you love:

Academic subject you love:

Hobby you love:

Type of baked good you love:

Type of sky you love:

Beverage you love:

Vacation you love:

Restaurant you love:

Way of getting around that you love:

Person you love:

Room in your home (or ideal home) you love:

Movie you love:

Book you love:

City you love:

Future plan you love:

Form of communication you love:

Junk food you love:

My list is first in the comments, now let's see yours!


Carol in Sweden said...

Song: Bushel and a peck
Word: cuclamu (and I'm not spelling it correctly because it's GREEK, my neighbor in Long Beach used to call me that--means DOLL)
Subject: geometry (high school) and folklore (university)
Hobby: sewing
Baked good: brownies with nuts, fresh bread, carrot cake
Sky: blue with those white whispy clouds that make a pattern of waves all above
Beverage: Thai iced tea
Vacation: sun, beach, sand, scuba
Restaurant: California Pizza Kitchen (USA), Stationhuset(Sweden)
Getting around: train with a good book
Person: Hubby and kid
Room: library/TV room
Movie: Sound of Music
Book: Poisonwood Bible, No. 1 Ladies Detective Series
City: Gainesville (GO GATORS)
Future plan: TRAVEL
Communication: hugging
Junk food: Cheetos with Pepsi

lizardek said...

No fair! You have to answer on my journal! Cut and paste! Cut and paste! :D