Friday, September 5, 2008

Mom's Summer Project is FINISHED!

Despite painful days with arthritus in her thumbs and shoulders mostly, my Mom, wonderful and persistent, finished her summer knitting project for Maya! This SASSY SWEATER will bring a joyful brightness to the dark days coming closer each day. Maya loves her sweater with all its crazy will go with everything she wears! THANK YOU MOM!

I would like to learn to knit BUT I have a feeling that my husband is right when he says that it will become another obession for me and I'll buy everything in sight and complain that I don't have enough time to do anything! So, I'll save the knitting for a time when I have used up my fabric stash, made all my crafties, organized my stamps, rubber stamps and scrapbook photo albums and have a weedless garden! (If I live to be that old, I'll be lucky to still have agile enough fingers to knit!)

In the meantime, I did make a tiny, oh so tiny, dent in my stash of fabric today while Maya was at her "Swedish as a second language" class (she's one of 5 Kinder kids who attends this 1.5 hour class each Friday--she doesn't have regular Kinder on Fridays and I don't work on Fridays--it's our cozy day together!). I"VE STARTED making my first fabric post cards for my Swap group!!! No photos to share but I'm content with what I've done so far.

AND I've pulled out the patterns that I will use for the ANGEL STITCHING swap!

AND I decided on the squares I'm going to make to contribute to the FAWCO charity quilt this year. (I'm a member through my local American Women's Club of Malmö.)

AND I found what I want to make during Crafty Day with Kelly Sue at the summer house in October! (Looking forward to that BIG TIME!)

So it was a busy morning digging around like a squirrel in my crafty room! FUN!


Anonymous said...

Maybe if I had a "Crafty Room" I'd find more time to actually craft! You're my idol :)

Lori S-C said...

beautiful sweater.

I agree with the too many hobbie thing...

Kelly Sue said...

LOVE the sweater-- can I put my order in for one for C or S?? Ha Ha! I'm glad you know what you will be doing. I STILL haven't a clue, but I have put a dent in the jeans that need patches pile!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the sweater looks great!

Good luck with the quilting!

Natalie Harris said...

I cut out and started piecing my Fall quilt yesterday...I had NO BUSINESS doing it either...I have a gazillion things needing attention. BUT, I just took the afternoon anyway and just smiled and said I was busy anytime anyone asked me for something and they just smiled back as they watched me do my thing. I need to just do that more often.
THe sweater is to die grandmother knitted each of us sweaters and I stll have them stored away. We bring them out when one of the kids fits...sweet connectedness.