Friday, September 12, 2008

Perfect Friday night

What a perfect Friday night for Maya and Mommy! (Pappa is at work!) We snuggled on the couch and watched "The Muppet Show" while we munched on B & J Ice cream (YES! it's available in SWEDEN....even in our little village!) and popcorn! After one episode Maya was ready for bed with a smile on her face! What a great show! I haven't watched in years and it brought back so many memories! In my freshman year of high school my "gang" all had nicknames of the characters....
Sara was Kermit (she swam breast stroke on the swim team)
Kathy was Ms. Piggy, of course!
Sheryl was Gonzo, I think
Doug was Big Bird (a cross over character)
....oh that's all I remember! Someone was Animal but who???
I still have Fozzie Bear "stuff" from those days! Mug, stuffed bear, poster, ......
And NOW I have my OWN SWEDISH CHEF!!! yar, yar, yar...waga waga!

Who was your favorite character?


Anonymous said...

COOKIE MONSTER, of course!!

Brenda said...

How great to spend the evening with all that fun and yummies!