Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mushroom Sunday

For those of you who didn't know this....we live in the forest. Therefore, we have access to all the beautiful things that grow, live and sit there...to look at, smell, touch, eat and photograph! (If you want to see any of these photos in a bigger size, just click the photo mosaic and it will POP UP in a larger format for you!)

Here are some of the colorful things we saw on our Sunday walk with my Swedish family! I've mentioned this before but now I'm showing you proof...my father-in-law is an expert mushroom hunter! He teaches mushroom classes every fall in Malmö with field trips to local forests to put theory into practice. Every time we go into the forest with him I learn so much about these little fungii. The variety of mushrooms, their characteristics, their strangeness...their delicious flavors....when Robert is with us on a mushroom walk we always take home a greater variety for eating because he knows so much more about them. I trust him completely! He would NEVER take a risk of poisoning us. If we find a mushroom that he's not so sure about he puts it in a separate bag so that he can look it up in a book (or two or five) later. Maya is fascinated by all this knowledge and she knows the mushroom picking rules thoroughly! Never eat mushrooms in the forest. And always show them to an adult. Some are for looking at and some are for collecting.
Our silly dog loves to go with us....and he carries his own leash with an owner at the end....actually, we allow him to walk on his own because he is a very good dog! Can you find him the leaves below?
Barbro, my mother-on-law, is an excellent mushroom prep cook! We ate these fried in a little olive oil with pepper and salt....with raclette grill for Sunday dinner! YUMMY!
With this warm and wet fall... we'll be finding a lot more to dry, soup, fry and pie!
PS- Because I can already anticipate your question....NO, Gilbert, we don't pick THAT kind here!

PPS- check out these mushroom and pumpkin decorations! click HERE

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lizardek said...

I love mushrooms, but I wouldn't dare eat any that I picked, even with a mushroom book! There are too many poisonous ones that look exactly like the edible ones! :I You are braver than I.