Thursday, September 25, 2008

Belated Birthday surprises!

Look what came in the mail for me yesterday! Thank you Bets and Mar!!!! (little Maya photographer helped me with the pic) Look at all the stamps on the package! And check out this cool-o neat-o fantastic-o CARD! I thought it was so groovy like this but Maya noticed that it was rather heavy.....and then, look below.....
It opened up to display a real "vintage" needle collection! Isn't that REALLY cool! I love it!
And the gifts were great, too! Can't go wrong with the SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK!!! Does anyone else remember all the songs?! "I'm just a bill on Capital Hill...." "Conjunction, conjunction...what's your function?" Finding other girls to share the book with won't be hard! I will read it and pass it along to some of my students! Then share with Maya later!
THANKS SOOOOO MUCH BETS! You're the best! xoxxo
That was yesterday's package....TODAY I got a package from LORI!!! Maya LOVED the dresses from C's little days! (Maya already asked if she could keep the flowery one "forever"!) THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your generosity with us! And the cutie-sweetie pin cushions are perfect! I've been working on a project in our library/tv room and I absolutely needed a pin cushion there....the paisley one matches the room so I'm leaving it out in the open as a bit of decor! And the zebra one will be in my crafty room as it is easy to find! (although I may have to glue it down as Maya has her eye on it for another prop in her fairyland!...Does being a mother mean you have to share EVERYTHING with your child? I don't think so!)
Tomorrow I will post some of the great postcards I got today too! But now it's time for bed! Another long day tomorrow! Going to a "Discipline Class" with some colleagues and then run home to take Maya to swim class....still have our young visitors from the USA as well....they go to Turkey on Sunday.


Brenda said...

Absolutely fabulous gifts! Enjoy them all. Have a great day!

Lori S-C said...

GLAD mAYA LIKED THE DRESSES. tHERE ARE STILL SOME HERE, BUT SIZE 6. I can make Maya her own pincushion or fairy couch! I have a little more zebra fabric! What do you think?

Natalie Harris said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm so glad you are my friend!!! THANKS for all the sweet things you tell me on my blog. Life has been nuts lately and it is so nice to "pop in" to your site and catch up...
EAT SOMETHING YUMMY everyday for a month to celebrate being on the planet!!!