Tuesday, September 9, 2008


While I was working on that previous post...Bo took the dog out for a walk...Pepe came back in, ran up the stairs to give me a doggy HUG....and he smelled like, excuse me, SHIT!!! Alllllll over! qucaklllllyyyaldlljrurt yuck! and double yuck! So I put him outside until I could gain control of my senses again....then Bo and I escorted him to the basement shower where I doused him in doggie shampoo. Wet dog smells so much better than SHIT dog! I'm not convinced if he's totally clean, however the smell is probably coming from the laundry basket where my stinky pants are hiding in shame after having been rubbed on by shit dog! GROSS GROSS GROSS...I'm not so sure he should go on a leashless walk at night anymore!

And luckily for you all...I don't have photos of this episode!


Lori S-C said...

Hola Carol,
estoy reindo mucho del cuento de perro puchi! Lo siento... Un muy bien cuento!

Kelly Sue said...

Poor Pepe,
I'm sure he was proud of whatever he had rolled in. He probably thought he smelled like "dog roses"-- blame your uninitiated non-dog nose for not thinking the same. Hee Hee!!