Monday, September 1, 2008

Louisiana Art Museum in July

Earlier this summer I took my parents and Maya to the Louisiana Art Museum in Denmark. The museum was named after the founders 3 wives who were all named Louisa! (He wasn't married to them all at once, however.) Its location on the Oresund Sound between Sweden and Denmark gives it a beautiful view of the water and Sweden on a clear day. It's only a short trip away from us and we can go either by car or ferry/train just as easy. Since I take my 5th grade art class there each spring, I get a free ticket to go back during the following year with 2 guests. (Small kids are free) The art collection is wonderful...mostly modern art with the modern classics (Hockney, Picasso, Monet, Moore, Warhol, etc) and they always have a great touring exhibit. The KIDS CREATIVITY ROOM is FANTASTIC!!! All materials are FREE and the children can create to their hearts content! There are college art students doing "practical work" there to help the children if needed. Maya choose to do paintings, something she could do at home any day...but that was the only room that wasn't packed with kids the day we went so I can understand her attraction to that space to create without distractions. Maya's favorite painting in the exhibition halls was this David Hockney above...Grand Canyon! Isn't it interesting how she was drawn into a painting of an American landmark?! She sat down and made a sketch of it in her little notebook that we take around with us to museums. (Bad Mommy lost this notebook during our trip to Dalarna! And I haven't been forgiven yet.) We'll be back again another day to see a new exhibit and Maya can draw it again, if she wishes, in a new notebook!

Now, you are probably wondering why I stuck this blip about the Louisiana in here...well, a Swedish quilter blogger buddy of mine makes these remarkably beautiful photo mosaics on her she sent me the website and I had to try it out with my own photos!(THANK YOU STINA!!) I love it! I will be practicing more in the weeks to come...even more photos on my blog for family and friends to see! Oh, I just love learning more things to do on this computer!

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