Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cabin in Falun

Wild berries, anyone?
Maya picked black current berries and rasberries right by our cabin outside of the small city of Falun in Dalarna (province). YUMMY!

We ate outside every chance we got, even breakfast!...excellent weather in the 70-80's and NO RAIN! No MOSQUITOS!
Here's look at our cabin. It had recently been remodeled. Mosquito screens for summer (not common in Sweden) and hot tub/sauna for winter use! There was a little creek babbling all night outside the window...peaceful!
Pepe, our dog, was so very happy to accompany us on this adventure!
Someone had abandoned him in St. Augustine, Florida several years ago. My brother, Tom, found him on a rainy day hiding by some trashcans. Pep lived with my parents a little while in Gainesville, Florida but they travel a lot so he was often in the doggie hotel. After looking into the regulations about moving him abroad, we decided to adopt him. Can you imagine the surprise of the people who threw him out if they knew he lives in Europe now? What a lucky dog! (in addition to a good home...NO FLEAS in Sweden!)
Speaking of LUCK! Maya caught her first fish....a rainbow trout! She waited very patiently and she got her reward! (Granpa didn't catch any though.)

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Lori S-C said...

That is one lucky dog...
Congratulations to the beautiful Maya on her first fish caught!
Love the cabin...
Love the photos...