Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday's trip to the east coast....

About every other fall we take a road trip to the east coast of husband is usually in pursuit of a specific type of apple or pear. The east coast is filled with many family orchards along the coastline's rolling hills. It's a sight to see in the fall while the apples and pears are nearly ripe for the picking! (It's also lovely to see in the spring with all the blooms!) In September there is a HUGE apple festival there with large art mosaics made of apples! One day we'll make it to that festival! Kiviks is the biggiest apple product producers in Sweden...juices, jellies, chutneys, puddings, wines, ciders, etc.....Here is one of MY FAVORITE apple varieties...AROMA....lovely pinky color! Another reason we travel to Kiviks is to eat seafood brought into this little harbor by local fishermen.
YUMMMY....seafood soup!
Maya choose the seafood buffet meal....10 kronor for every year ...that was 60 kronors for Maya's plate. She picked out her own food and ate most of it! That's about $10.oo. One of Maya's most famous quotes (when she was 3 years old) "I'll start with the caviar!" She's a seafood lover!
Couldn't resist photographing this little guy on my Dad's "fresh beer" (unpasteurized, unstrained)....have you ever seen an angel with a beer mug?!

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