Sunday, August 31, 2008

Farewell to Summer Party

Most every August we have a "crayfish" party....a tradition in Sweden to end the summer on a tasty note! This year we strayed from the usual food and did our own thing. But we did hang up the paper moons in the summer house's garden! The weather all weekend was marvelous and we were able to be outside most of the day & night! Dad fixed a very delicious salmon with halibut "muffin" roll that he baked in the oven (over water...poaching?). He got the recipe from the Joy of Cooking Book (that was one of their wedding presents from 1952). I'm cooking another batch of these simple and so good!
Outside Mom peeled the fabulous Göteborg crayfish that Bo's cousin brought to us! Much better than the frozen ones we usually get at the market. Thank you Georg and Victoria!
Maya received this adorable cap made by Victoria to wear to school this fall. Stylish!
It was so much fun to have baby Alexander waddling about the party! Victoria is an excellent seamstress with lots of talent for design. Her 3 children take up most of her time now but she still gets moments to make something now and then. She's one of those people who don't use patterns...she just looks at (or imagines) what she wants to make and does it. WoW!
These are the famous CRAYFISH of Sweden that everyone drools for in August! These were particularly yummy with or without butter! like mini lobsters!
Bo's cousin, Georg, his wife Victoria (from Spain) and their daughter, Desiree dig into the crayfish!
Although these three did eat some crayfish, they were happier playing and playing together!

Didn't take a good photo during the party (and no photos of my dear husband!)....but here's what it looked like afterwards. We didn't party into the night as you are supposed to...when the children are bigger, perhaps!

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