Monday, August 11, 2008

Of things felt....

Love it, love it , LOVE IT!

I've just finished reading the book World Without End by Ken Follett. One of the main characters makes her riches by making felt in "Kingsbridge Scarlet". When I saw this machine in the stream that runs through Falun, I couldn't help but think of Claris and the Webber family who worked together to create the famous felt! Modern versions of the purses worn with the traditional costumes in Dalarna. They were handmade..cost 500 kr. ($80.00) I'll try to make my own...someday!
Now, here's some real handiwork! ha ha My first steps in making felt cloth. I worked on these with my good friend, Ana Maria. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark but is originally from Lima,Perú. (where I was also born!)
She is a crafty person who has taught me quite a lot. This fall she will attend West Dean Art Institute in England to get another Masters degree in Fabric Art. (She is already a Dentist and has a PhD in Public Health.) But now she is following her passion in fibers! She's one of my heroes!
Ana Maria guided me through the process of making this purse last fall. What a lot of wool it took! The feel of the wood squishing between my hands, the smell of the wet wool, and way the fibers quickly grasp onto one another to give the wool a new shape. I loved going through the process! And I have a much greater appreciation of all things felt! (and can accept the high prices I see at the craft markets!) My purse even has a little pocket inside! I LOVED doing this project and was so gung-ho about it that I purchased several books on the subject. As usual, life takes over and responsibilities take priority and doing my projects become fantasies rather than realities. That's going to change soon... I just know it! Then I'll add the strap to this baby and a cutie button closure! Then I'll make more and get better at it!

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Lori S-C said...

this felting turned out great...