Monday, August 11, 2008

Just tooooo cute!

Can you believe that this building over the water is the "Energy Station"? (Electricity generator place) It's in's just too cute! Laundry, porch curtains...just too cute!
And look at this telephone booth! I bet hardly anybody uses it but it's just tooo cute to tear down!
And this window box of the Fryksås Handicrafts? TOO CUTE!
Almost just tooo cute to use...but we did! (Maya would point out "purple" to you...he's in the lower right's her security blanket.)
FIKA again! Who wouldn't want to join in a fika? It's just tooo cute! This was created for the workers of one of the Dalahorse factories that we visited in Nusnäs. And not one dalahorse near by to remind them of work! What a relief!
Family garden by Linné's Wedding Place outside of Falun...very cute!
Sundborn...Shabby Chic, it's soooo cute!
Tällberg cabin and entry gate...dried flowers from Mid-sommar....the place is just so cute!
These 3 are just tooooo cute! Wooden statues in honor of the migrant labourers on the farms.

During our trip I must have said "CUTE" thousands of times! But darn it, everything just seemed just so darn too cute!

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