Monday, August 25, 2008

Postcards from overseas!

My new friend, Rhonda in Texas, made this for ME! Isn't it nice? My initials and a pincushion that was just the kind my grandmother mother too! The ol' tomato (apple?) and strawberry! I used to be so fascinated by that cute little needle sharpening strawberry! Thank you Rhonda!
And a real postcard from Valerie of Australia....who is travelling in Scotland just now! Thanks Valerie! Did you know that I collect REAL postcards, too? Yup...have about 4 shoe boxes full at this point...I use them at times in my classroom to show kids sights from around the globe! What fun to receive your message in the mail!

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to work on my cards....too much with having all my family here for weeks and weeks....but once they leave I'll be back to a routine! I hope!
If you would like to join our FABRIC POST CARD SWAP, please click HERE to find out more!


Holly said...

That is adorable. I have one of those pin cushions. My mom had one too.

Brenda said...

The postcards are great! Interesting to know that you share your postcards with your students...I bet they enjoy that!

Rhondee said...

Glad your postcard found you safely. Sometimes I wonder how the postal people handle all that mail.
We're about to celebrate our first fall-like holiday.....Labor Day...All the teachers are looking forward to it....LOL...Take care.