Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here's a surprise I got in the mail yesterday! So cutie! Quack Quack...I"m sending something back! (soon) It's from Brenda, organizer of the no-stress Fabric Post Card Swap! Surprise! The little bathroom is ready for use on the "stuga" (guest house at the beach house) ...next guest won't have to pee-pee in the little training potty or run back to the main house in the middle of the night! It will be painted soon...so it matches the rest of the stuga.
It's a composting toilet! Nothing fancy but very functional! Dad did a great job putting it all together! There is even a simple sink to wash hands and brush teeth.

No more surprises for now!


Rhondee said...

I think the potty is very interesting. It gives me some new ideas. Take care.

Carol in Sweden said...

I'm curious...what kind of ideas did you get from the potty?

Dionne said...

I love how pretty that composting toilet is! Also your little surprise in the mail is very cute. I love getting gifts in the mail! Lucky you.