Thursday, August 14, 2008

Toms arrives today!

My one and only "little" brother arrives to day for a 2 week visit with us. Maya is THRILLED! He's her very favorite Uncle, unabashfully. For the next few weeks we will hear "Uncle Tom, Uncle Tom" thousands of times! Right now Bo and Maya are driving to the Copenhagen airport to pick him up. This umbrella photo was taken in Torvekov, Sweden in 2006. Maya and Tom head into the Becán Mayan ruins in Yucatan, Mexico in December 2007.
Happy as can be sitting together in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico!
Brad Pitt (oooops, that's my brother!) and Maya get off the plane in Miami, January 2008.
My brother is quite a good photographer...maybe you'll check out his photo collections in Flickor. He also shoots 360 degree photos. I'll post some links later of his work at golf courses and hotels.


lizardek said...

Yay for family visits! Have a super time with your bro :)

Carla said...

What a handsome brother you have!! His photography work is stunning! It must be great to have family visit, Carol.

Lori S-C said...

I've checked out his photography work too! Exceptional, really... And Maya has good taste!

Holly said...

How fun to have your brother come visit. Mine live about 12 hours from me and we don't see each other much.

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