Friday, August 8, 2008

Vintage Car Week in Dalarna

Just our luck...the vacation time my husband arranged from his work for our trip to Dalarna coincided with VINTAGE CAR WEEK (week 31--every year for those of you planning a trip to Dalarna in the future). Now, I like to see old cars but the towns around Lake Siljan were inundated with "vintage" cars during the week we were there. That meant it was difficult finding the accommodations that we would have preferred, instead we were happy with what was available! Approximately 30,000 visitors come into the area for this special week. Each day there are several events planned, from morning until way into the night for the vintage car people. Our goal was NOT to get caught in the CRUISING traffic so we kept an eye on the daily events even though we weren't participating in them. The oldest cars involved didn't seem to be driving around much so my photos are mostly from the cars that are in better shape, 40's- 50's-60's (and now the 70's is "vintage"). We saw so many and took photos as we were driving (not good shots) so these only give you a small glimpse of what we actually saw that week. My parents had a great time reminiscing about all the cars they have had in their life's a good way to spark memories! Fun to hear these cars stories! (for example, when Dad took Mom on a date in her family's studebaker and he backed up into a train!)
I have seen plenty of PINK CADDIES but never a pink Rolls Royce! wow!
How about this beauty? See all the market stalls in the backgroun they had in the area to sell car stuff?
We stayed in this section of the hotel in Tällberg with our dog. Isn't this car cherry bright?
COUGAR...this is a Cougar. We saw outside the Bear Park in Orsa. Note to Dad: I will enlarge the Cougar sign on the front of the car so you can indeed see that this is a COUGAR! and NOT a panther! Then you owe me, buddy old boy! he he
Crusing in Falun.....
Falun cruise
While Pepe and I were posing here with this black Caddie, the owner came out. I quickly wiped off my finger prints!

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