Monday, August 11, 2008

Handicrafts I didn't take home....

There are moments in my life when I wish I could instantly change professions...travelling around in Dalarna was one of these times for me. I think that I would have made an excellent Ethnographer. I LOVE learning about other cultures wherever I go. I have a minor BS degree in Anthropology but I never fully developed my studies beyond those courses due to a few situations that I won' t bring up here. The energy I feel when I'm learning about a new culture and its traditions and objects is invigorating to me! I get a little you can tell from these posts!

Just a few photos to show you some lovely and funny things that didn't make it home with us!
Handicraft Store sign...Dalahemslöjd (Dalarna Home Craft) This one is in Nusnäs, home of the red horses! Another cute, cute Sundborn. (Carl Larsson's town)
Ceramic shop in Sundborn...she had beautiful work but if I bring home another ceramic object I might be thrown out with the trash!
Inside a shop in Nusnäs, painting Dalahorses...see the copy of the traditional mural paintings hanging behind her? It's in a special style found all over, clocks, wooden items, etc.
Woolen woven pillows and blankets at a shop in Leksand....Maya loved this stuff! What expensive taste she has acquired already! ouch!
A DalaPIG with a wine bottle hanging out his a - -! Could you see this in my dining room?! lol Almost wanted to buy it for my brother-in-law's wine shop in Germany!
Gorgeous needlework! This was on display at a museum but at the shop you could purchase ready made traditional outfits (sold separately) or you could buy kits to make yourself! You could also rent the outfits to wear during "high holidays"! Both for men and women! Mid-sommar must be absolutely magical in Dalarna with so many people wearing the traditional clothing! (I'll put that on my list to see on day!)
Close up of the woven belt and silver handle embroidered purse...these outfits, especially the woven belt remind me so much of the weavings from Perú. (Later I'll post examples to demonstrate what I mean.)
Close up of another outfit...look at the lace work! Woven ribbon to tie up the bodice through those beautiful buttons!! (OH, I didn't take photos...but Maya & I purchased 10 buttons similar to these for a future craft project.) Many of these dainty collars of white were cross-stitched as well as laced! What work...what patience...what nibble fingers! What long winter nights to work by candle light making this stuff! WOW!
This mobile for decorating the home reminds me of the dream catchers from the American Indians.....this is made of leather, tree bark, seeds, and string.


Anonymous said...

That embroidery makes me SWOON!

Lynne said...

Hi Carol,
Wow what a find your site is. I found it last night and tried to leave a comment but lost it, so here goes again....
We moved to Sweden in 2006 (me and my husband) but have spent the last 16 months back in the UK. However we are going back to our house in Dalarna next month, to stay or at least that is the plan, we'll see how it goes.
We both love Sweden and especially our house there, it is so peaceful and lovely. We haven't really explored much outside of our immediate area yet but hopefully we will be doing that, most likely next summer now. You do a great job with the touristy thing. One of the places on my list to visit is Carl Larsons house so it's nice to read your comments.
Well I'll definately be visiting you again. I hope you come over and visit me on my site, I'll put the kettle on.
p.s. my earlier posts are from Sweden.