Monday, August 25, 2008

The great thing about having family for a visit....

picking mushrooms! Since moving to Sweden I have learned to pick mushrooms...edible ones with no side affects! ;-) My father-in-law is an expert on them and he has shown us all the tricks to finding the best ones. As a result, my own family is also learning to find the most delicious of mushrooms in the forest by our house (and sometimes, even in our yard!). With the warm temperatures we've had this summer plus the rain, it is turning out to be a FANTASTIC MUSHROOM SEASON! Here's what my family picked while I was at work......mostly Karl Johan now (porchinni) but we've gotten chanter ells too! And the other great thing is.....everyone likes to prepare our meals with mushrooms! Tonight (Monday) Tom will be cooking up something delightful! This is Tom concentrating on the mushrooms on Saturday when it was so rainy! (We didn't go anywhere, it was a cozy day at home.)
Apples are ripening...and dropping from the summer house's wild apple tree. Mom makes a yummy, flavorful apple sauce with all the little apples. It's good on ice cream, yogurt, cereal...alone! I hope there will be enough to freeze for later.
And my Dad....well, I'm so lucky! Every night that they stay here in our house...HE DOES THE DISHES!!!! I"m being spoiled big time!
Guess who I found making out in my kitchen after supper!???? Geez...gotta keep my eye on them! BTW---sunset is around 8:30 pm here so that's why it's light outside after dinner!
It's wonderful to have my family visiting us...and I'm so grateful that my darling husband enjoys their visits, too! All this togetherness feeling has to last long after they leave because it will be several months before we see each other again!


Anonymous said...

Re the mushrooms, ya'll are BRAVE!

Fun to have all your family together at once. I always get them's much more fun when we're all together.

Gilbert said...

Love, it is a burning thing -- Paul & Polly look great!