Monday, August 11, 2008

On the way home.....

Pepe was such a good traveler dog! He jumped eagerly into the car each time, often before the baggage was in place...he did not want to be left behind!
The Nilsson mobile is ready for take off! Bo and his parents drove to Jonköping to visit with his cousin and family in their new home in the countryside. After their visit with her they drove straight back to Skåne, arriving at 1 am!
The Doughty mobile is loaded and giddy with anticipation of more adventures on the way home! Because of Mom's arthritis we decided it was best to take the trip to Skåne in two parts rather than one long drive. So we split the trip up by spending one night in Orebro (on my list of places to visit more thoroughly!). On our way out Maya said "Granpa, take a look at the map and see if we are anywhere."
After walking around Orebro in the early morning, we continued our drive home and found a delightful place to lunch at the delicious cafe at Stjernsund Palace on the lake by Askersund town.
We had another pleasant surprise in Vadstena where we discovered this huge castle with impressive defenses! Must have seen some fighting going on back in time to keep its powerful position on Lake Vättern! (another place to add to my list!)

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