Monday, August 25, 2008

Stenshuvud National Park on Sunday

On Sunday, since it wasn't raining too much, we loaded up our cars and took a drive out to the east coast of Sweden (about an hour+ drive from our house). The landscape is a little different than our area of Skåne...more hilly, less cultivated land, more cows. You can even see cows grazing around ancient bronze age rune stones! I love this coastline...REAL waves! This is Stenshuvud National Park.
It's a wonderful place for finding smooth, colorful stones and of these days we will find AMBER here! I just know it! I have stones from here that I collected in 1997, they flew to Los Angeles with me then moved back to Sweden with me in 1999! Some well travelled stones! They look so beautiful resting in a shallow bowl of water with floating candles! (something I stopped doing while Maya was little...I think she's old enough now not to eat them! with them but not eat them!) Maya has turned out like her parents...she's also a stone collector! My pockets were loaded with her (and my) finds when we returned to the car.
WEEEEE....running with the waves! Hands full of pebbles!
On the way home we were bathed in bright sunlight....this is around 7:30 pm.
And so ends another wonderful day in Sweden!

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