Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gifts from my friend

My good friend, Kelly Sue, just returned from her summer vacation in the USA visiting her family. She always brings me PEOPLE magazines! I'm not normally an advid reader of this kind of "literature" but sometimes it's just nice to sit down with some mindless pursuing of photos and articles about the famous people I used to see more often while living in the California. (I don't mean SEEING them but rather viewing them in the theaters.) The longer I live away from the USA the fewer people I recognize in PEOPLE! Kelly Sue also brought Maya this flannel/fleece fabric! It's big enough to use as the back side of a quilt! Although it's a gift for Maya, it's really for ME! Thank you, Kelly Sue! :-) I've already gotten my ideas going for this....I think I'll use some of Maya's own mermaid artwork for some of the blocks or appliques on the other side! If anyone knows of a company that makes other MERMAID fabric I'd be deeply appreciative! http://www.ellenedith.com/ sent me to http://www.blankquilting.com/home.aspx but it's not quite what I was looking for....
See? the other mermaids are happy to welcome a new friend or two to our Mermaid madness!
We 've got mermaids all over the place here....another day I'll share some with you!

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