Thursday, August 7, 2008


I can't seem to do anything on this #$@%&*( blog site today!

What's up? Does anyone else have a problem? (I've looked all through the HELP area and posted in the group part but now I can't find where my post is to see if anyone responded to it!)

I can't do spell check. (NOW I did a spell check on this post and you should see all the CORRECT words it has highlighted!)
I can't add photos. (and I obviously could just a day ago!And I've cleared my cookies!)
I can't add new blog links.

I've only done this for a few weeks and I"m so frustrated with these problems ... I'm going to give up! AGHHHHHHHHHH...scream!


Lise said...

I think that they must be doing upgrades or something..I'm also seeing changes and I cant do any I though I was the only one until I read your blog...LISE

Carol in Sweden said...

Thanks Lise! It relieves me to know that someone else is having troubles!
I guess I should calm down, get off the computer, pay attention to my hubby, and go read a book before bed!
In the morning things are bound to be better, right?

I hope so!

Marilyn said...

Yes, there have been problems. Maybe they will get it all worked out soon. Hey, just stopping by after seeing you on Quilting Bloggers. Enjoyed your post about the copper mine. My husband has worked at a rock quarry and a sand quarry in our area. They are surface mines but still very dangerous with the large equipment involved. He no longer works there, Thank God. By the way, your daughter is precious.