Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Carl Linnaeus of Sweden

Carl Linnaeus is one of Sweden's most famous scientists...why? Maybe you have forgotten your high school biology...he is the one who invented the system of organizing the natural world! Linné wrote: "God created the living things. Linné organized them."
Well, we got to see the place where he married Sara Lisa
Last year was the 300 anniversary of his birth, there was quite the celebration time around the country for commemorating this event last year. He is on the 100 kronor bill!
We got a guided tour of the place from this delightful young woman. This photo doesn't do her the least bit of justice...she was BEAUTIFUL! A truly typical looking Swedish girl. Do you think I fell in love or am I just totally envious of her youth and beauty?
Views from this property were just as lovely as our guide....a tree that may have been a sapling when Linné was alive 300 years ago.
The "Brollops Stuga" where the couple met at a Christmas party in 1734 and later were married in 1739. Of course, the building is painted in Falun Röd color.
A garden growing medicinal herbs and vegetables like the ones that Linné studied for creating his system of organization. The fence is in the Gotland style...not typical of Dalarna.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for posting on my blog :-)

I had a look at yours, sounds like youve had a great vacation!

As for quilting here in Sweden, well, I too hear people say it is growing, but I still haven't met a single quilter here (apart from the woman owning the quilt fabric shop in Malmö :-)

Maria (in Lund)

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