Monday, August 11, 2008

Mid-sommar Poles + one for Lori

Every June on the summer solstice, MID-SOMMAR is celebrated in Sweden . It's a special time of the year with family and friends. Each family has its own way to celebrate. Mine spends the day and night at our summer cottage. We make flower crowns for our heads, play games such as Kubb & TipsRunda, and we always (rain or shine) go to the local meadow to dance around the "maj stang". (May pole) At our place it is a simple little thing that many neighbors contribute flowers and branches to decorate. You must look hard at this photo to see it...blends into the surrounding foliage. I've seen nice big ones in Skåne but only at the Manor houses and Palace Museums. But there were many, many in Dalarna! The mid-sommar poles were HUGE in Dalarna and very intricately decorated...they must be perfectly stunning when they are fresh! This one has a little rooster on top! Most of the ones we saw had the Crossed Arrows, the symbol on the Dalarna province flag.

This one is for LORI! Got so excited when I saw it that I pulled off the road (freaking my Dad out!...he's done the same to us I don't know how many times while we were growing up) the first photo is crooked.
Look at this view! (I drove closer to get a better shot for you!) Can you imagine what it would look like fresh!? Pretty!

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Lori S-C said...

WOWZA! For me! this is amazing! thanks so much.
Thanks to your dad too!