Saturday, August 23, 2008

Malmö Festivalen on Friday

The clan took a road trip down to Malmö to visit the MalmöFestivalen that takes place every August for one week. Of course, we waited until the last day to go ! The down-town streets and squares of Malmö are full with food vendors (a huge variety...Lebanese, Hungarian, Thai, African, Tex-Mexican, etc.) and booths with handicrafts and other booths with imported "junk" (sunglasses, plastic stuff). My favorite food vendor to watch and listen to is the CHILEAN chorizo place...the grills are surrounded by musicians dancing and tapping their BBQ forks to the beat of the salsa music! Que Divertido!!! I saw the Vietnamese vendor across the way shaking her hips to their sounds.
Lots of booths with all kinds of fun stuff to buy! As we walked through the festival, I heard so many languages (Arabic, Spanish, French, English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Polish...etc) makes me realize how diverse southern Sweden really is when everyone comes out into the center!
My husband's parents met us for lunch (they live in Malmö)...each person purchased the food that they had a hankering for and we could eat together under the shade trees. YUMMY!
More was hard to take photos that captured the diversity of the festival and the colorful vending booths. I'll try harder next year! At night, the live music dominates the festival with venues for all types of music spread out throughout the center. When Maya is older....we'll check those out.


Lori S-C said...

wow, who would have thought there was so much diversity!

Natalie said...

Thanks for the SWEET comment on my blog about the Buddhist group thing...I was SO blown over by the e-mails I recieved...I may be going to hell but not for that. Interesting to me that most of them were from my Southern friends.

Truly...I LOVE that I can be apart of your life...I am CHARMED by the festivals and other gatherings you constantly have going on. I really WOULD like to visit. I asked Don what he thought about my starting a Sweeden "fund' and he smiled and said "Can I go?" So...after I get Michael settled and Josh off, I'll start my Sweeden fund!!~!!!

Carol in Sweden said...

Doesn't surprise me about your emails...people can be so close minded! Glad you are NOT one of them! Always have LOVED YOU for that! :-)

You are welcome to bring Don and EVERYONE with you when you come....but I fully understand that first you will be putting money into the KENYA fund! Now that would be/will be exotic!

Brenda said...

What a fun time! I enjoyed the photos!