Monday, August 11, 2008

Peru + Sweden (and something for Liz)

At the Leksand museum in Dalarna (where I wasn't suppose to take photos), we saw many examples of textiles from the 1600-1800's. These woven straps were so similar to ones I've seen the traditional Amara and other indigenous people wear in Perú that I had to break the rule and take photo (without flash). The small hand/foot looms they use are equally as similar. Kind of makes me want to sing "It's a small world after all!" When I got home to our house I went digging in my crafty are some samples of Peruvian woven straps! These ones are from the 1960's and more recent, therefore the colors are brighter than the old ones from Sweden but the patterns are similar and their usage is nearly the same. Both are made out of wool....either sheep or llama! On this treasure hunt in my own house, I discovered that I've somehow inherited a LOT of these woolen straps from my parents over the years. I've got meters and meters of the stuff! WHAT COULD I DO WITH IT??? Please post some ideas for me! (The small bit is all I have left of one kind, I used most of it for hanging curtains in my family room...the curtains are made with Peruvian fabric, too.)
Here's a little friend for LIZ! No, I didn't buy it for you! Just took a photo! You'll have to go to Dalarna yourself if you want it! he he (I can tell you exactly where to find him!)


Anonymous said...

He is very cool, but I suspect he's too big for the moose bathroom shelf! :D

Carol in Sweden said...

What's the matter with putting him ON TOP of the shelf? He's not that big! he he

Lori S-C said...

uh, those straps are beautiful:

purse handles
waistband of a cute little girl skirt
curtain ties
backpack strap
add some beads and make into jewelry
Embellishment on pillows.