Monday, August 25, 2008

The REAL reason why we drive to the east coast..... for the REAL reason we drive over an hour to the east coast...not the seafood, not the apples and pears, not the National Park....Cafe Annorlunda : Cookie House!!!! All you can eat cookies with coffee, tea, milk, or juice! Yes, the ultimate FIKA place!!! Grab your plate and head on over to the cookie table...filled with homemade gingerbread cake, sugar cake, saffron buns, chocolate cookies, sugar cookies, lemon crisps, almond crunch.....the menu has stayed the same for at least 11 years (the first I went in 1997!) but probably longer! It's a house with old furniture, old handiworks, and chinaware. Each little table and chair cluster is different...very cozy! A perfect place for a cold rainy day inside ...or a sunny sit-in-the-garden day outside.
Tips: the gluten free plate has a delicious variety with more chocolate than the regular table. My husband always shares his plate with us as it is more than he can eat at one time.
We were so busy eating and drinking ....I took an 'after' shot instead...Mom and I love the needlework all around the place!
After chowing down on cookies....we went off to the National Park and ran off some of our calories on the beach!

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